Friday, January 29, 2010

World Qualifier in Calgary

My trip to Calgary was both stressful and successful. Only stressful due to the fact that I had to fly from Milwaukee to Dallas to Calgary...Not fun when it feels like a trip to europe. However, I did get plenty of sleep and I was with my Trevor.
The qualifier is a regional competition betweeen Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand and the U.S.A. The top 6 placements of a combined total points from 4 races-500m, 1500m, 3k and 5k head off to the World Allaround Championships. In Holland, it is THE race to win. I'm glad to say that I met my goal of breaking up the podium (usually consisting of all Canadians) and took a solid 3rd place.
I'm very happy with the racing since I just came off of a dreadful 2 weeks of training and it is the first full competition since my mom passed. I must say I was worried about performing under such stressful circumstances with all that has happened in the last month. In my eyes, I passed the test.
Trevor qualified as well with a hard earned 1st place! It came down to the last race, the 10k, having to beat his pair. I think he just likes to keep me on my toes and hear me scream over the pads...
For now, I look ahead to the Olympics and even further ahead to skate at the end of March for the World Allarounds. While I was competing over the weekend I kept wondering "why I should be so thrilled to endure another 3 weeks after the biggest race of my life, the Olympics"? Crazy. I'll be lucky if I remember to turn left.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Media Mania over Roller Groovin'

Just two weeks before our departure to the Olympics! I thought the calls and interviews might be winding down but they are only gearing up. Since October trials my life changed in a big way and definitely picked up the pace. I had no idea that my "normal" life at the roller skating rinks would be such a hit. NBC and ABC are both going to do a special feature with me roller skating and working in my little DJ booth. I've also heard they will probably put that footage on during the Olympics nationwide. I guess the crazy juggling act of train, work, train,work is going to pay off in the end. Thank God! Putting away smelly skates and scraping pizza off the ground got to be a little tiring before practice. However, I wouldn't change a thing. It is as God has planned and it makes one heck of a fun story!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Leaving for Calgary Thursday

Hi Everyone,
it's been a hard, but good week of training. As i get ready for Vancouver, there's one competition I have to take part in first. The Regional Qualifiers for the World All Around Championships are being held in Calgary on January 23 and 24th.