Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Rookards Roll into Vancouver

Well, the rest of the Rookard clan finally made it and the entire city certainly is aware. I walked onto the oval and I could hear them cheering from every corner. It was a proud moment to hear their voices in the stands cheering my name and cheering for USA.
After racing we all headed down to the P&G to meet and grab some dinner. Most of them were already hitting up the bar and taking lots of pictures. No children and free drinks lead to embarassing moments. We got it all captured at the Crest studio upstairs where we all posed for different winter sports backrounds. Of course, the married couples got a little carried away. But it was all in good fun and will make some great memories.
While some of the family came to the village, Brian rented a car for $20 to drive into the mountains alone and with 15 cans of Coca Cola. Rosanna mentioned she wasn't sure if it was $20 per day or $20 per mile. Brian didn't seem to get all the details. He tried to call me but the call was dropped. I guess I'll see pictures from the adventure tomorrow...hopefully. He may have gotten eaten by a bear or got lost in the wilderness or ran out of gas or passed out from the caffeine/sugar overdose. Nothing has been confirmed as of 13:00.
Trevor is finally done with his individual races. I'm happy about that because I get more nervous for him than I do for myself. Because of him I may be more known for my screaming than for my own skating. That is something I'll have to work on that for next season.
So, the 5k and pursuit are next. The distance race has been my best performance of the season so I hope to rip off a good race. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Experience part 1

Hey Friends!
Last time I wrote it was pre-opening ceremonies. Now it is post opening ceremonies and competition is under way!
I must say that when you are standing in front of the world, they announce team USA, and 50,000 people roar in excitement, it is a heart pounding experience. But so is the racing! People keep asking me what my favorite moment is so far in these olympics and I don't think I can choose just one. I'm trying to take in the entire experience as slowly as I can and be thankful for every moment.
Opening Ceremonies was an absolute blast! I was able to get right up in front behind the flag. I even got my picture in the post card that they printed the next day. Trevor and I had to take the early bus back to the village because we races the next two days. I was pretty bummed but we got to go on the roof of the condo and watch the rest of the ceremonies and view the fireworks. That was a pretty special moment. I was so proud of him and so glad I could witness his struggle to accomplishment. He had the same feeling for me :)
Then the racing came. I thought I'd be pretty nervous but I was so excited to see my family in the crowd I forgot to be nervous. It was not my best race ever but I enjoyed every minute on the ice. I skated my best and that's all I can ask. I think I didn't want to get too tied up in nerves for my first one so I just tried to stay relaxed and enjoy it. Also, I got a good feel for competing under that kind of pressure. Now, I hope to be a little more aggressive in the next 3 races. Definitely more my style!
My family got to come into the village as well. It was cool playing tour guide and share my Village experience with them. They also seem to like the P&G house. Free food, massages, cool picures, free event tickets, manicures, hair stylists...they are there to serve the family.
I'm also hitting up the Oakley house, Nike house, and Vanity Fair to have my picture taken. That's coming up tomorrow while I still have some time before my next race on Sunday. Until then, Chao!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Village Update

Hey everyone!
I'm finally starting to settle into the Olympic village and get into a routine. I'm also getting most of my picture taking out of the way so I can start to get focused on racing. Just seven more days until my first race of this Olympics.
So far the village has been first class all the way and security is to the max. We get to stay in ritzy condos and the food is really great too. We even have free McDonalds 24/7. We also have gaming in our USA house and in the athlete Olympic lounge. The lounge is pretty slick. It's were all the athletes get to hang, play with all sorts of gaming like wii and rock band, play pool and pinball, read, play boardgames, watch TV on a huge screen...its awesome. Today Trevor and I were in there shooting pool and watching the superbowl in between practices.
So for the next few days its pretty much the same routine. Sleep, eat, practice, rockband, nap, pictures. The real fun begins at opening ceremonies and even more fun continues when my crazy family arrives!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Arrived at the Olympics!

Hey everyone! The trip so far has been hectic but amazing! Some of the highlights were getting fitted by Ralph Lauren and Nike for our Team USA gear and arriving to the Village. Last night I got to walk around by the water and see the city all lighted up for the first time. I am so thankful to be here and it has been such an amazing journey. Mom and dad would be very proud.
I also got to skate at the Oval the second day I was here. It had totally changed from the summer. With all the lights, t.v. screens, and Olympic colors and banners it looked spectacular!
I can't wait for my family to get here and be part of this action. I keep updating Lisa, my sister, but no words can discribe the scenery or the feel. They just have to be here!!!
I'm off to practice but I'll fill you all in on more later today.