Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Begginings in 2011/2012 Season

Last season was quite a roller coaster.  I finally started to mend after the loss of mom.  As I found out, mending is not smooth sailing at all.  Lots of "firsts" happen the year after a death and I was dealing with a bunch of them.  I was actually dreading the 2011 season and it ended up being better than I ever could have expected as far as skating results were concerned.  A mix of heartaches and special surprises the Lord had in store.
This year I was determined to start off with a level head and heart.  I thought - if I can produce really good results in a mental mess, I just wonder what I can do with a lighter load.  So, I really needed to let go, and let God. 
So far I'm in a much better place.  And I 'm so much happier in relationships across the board.  The loss and grief I was feeling all last year caused me to shut a lot of people out.  But now I'm learning to grab outreached hands and also learning to reach out to others in return. 
Even in this individualistic sport I'm seeing that selfishness is not an option.  My team is made of the people I surround myself with through the journey.