Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calgary training under way!

The dog days of Salt Lake City and Russia are finally at an end. Honestly, Salt Lake was long and dry, Russia was a nightmare, and I'm so happy to be past the month of January. This month felt less like skating fun and more of a "job" than ever before.
For those who were concerned about the Moscow trip, all was well and we made it safely to our hotel in time. There was a suicide bomber in another airport and it went off just hours after we landed. Thank God the rest of the team was not flying into that particular airport. There were also 2 suicide car bombings that happened during the week as well. It is so sad to think that this is "normal" in Russia.
On a good note, I did my job by earning enough points to stay in 3rd overall in the 3k and top 10 overall in the 1500. We also qualified for World Singles in the Team Pursuit. Yay for the ladies!
Thankfully I'm back in Milwaukee and trying to regain some strength for the Big Show...World Allarounds. The past 8 weeks have been really tough on the body and mind but it feels like I'm going to come around just in time. Last year I was able to earn 5th place. I'm hoping to at least match that or even podium. We will see!
Until then,