Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fall world cup recap

World cup oval in Astana, Kazakhstan. One of the most beautiful ovals I've ever seen. The trip started in northern Russia. (First, we had a trip of 35 hours to get there) I was a little nervous going back to Russia because there were three suicide bombings the last time the team went to Moscow. One was even at a nearby airport around the time we arrived. However, at the far north city of Chelyabinsk we were much more safe. We actually got to walk outside which is a luxury compared to last years trip.
Kazakhstan was similar to the Jetsons TV show. Based on the architecture I wouldn't be surprised to find flying saucers. It was very futuristic and I would not mind going back to the city.
World cup 3 was in Holland, which is always a good experience. Tons of fans, great food, walks in the woods, and warmer than Siberia. And...we get to spend time with some wonderful Dutch friends who usually treat us to pizza and give us stroop waffles for the road.