Friday, April 30, 2010

post Olympic thoughts

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who followed me at the Olympics! People have been asking me if I had the time of my life at the Games. Of course, I say 'yes' but not for the reassons most people think. Most of Febuary and the months leading into the Olympics was pretty stressful. The media was hounding and exausting, the training was intense, the mental game was draining, the politics was an absolute nightmare. It was not what I expected at all!
The first night I arrived at the village I went for a walk down by the water. I was reflecting and thinking about how beautiful everything looked at night. I was also thinking about the paralympians for some reason. Some of them are blind and they would not get to see the city, the mountains, the venues, the ceremonies... At first I felt sorry for them. But then the only thing they get to experience is the raw excitement of their accomplishments along with the people that hear their story.
So I found myself so thankful to God that I get to do all that as well as see the beauty of the Olympic experience. In some ways I thought that the blind may be the lucky ones. They probably compete with a heart that all athletes should have and are more thankful than many of us with full abilities.