Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fresh Start in the Freezer

Well living in Salt Lake was a bust.  I suppose not completely, but it sure was tough as hell for many reasons.  I can't say I'm excited to head back there for trials twice this year.  The word on the street is that our fall world cup trials and our Olympic Trials will be held there.  I guess I can thank the good Lord that after all the headache (and nose bleeds) from last year I have some experience with how my body may react to the high altitude.
Looking forward now.  I get to move to Norway this season!  It was an abrupt change after I literally fled Salt Lake in tears skipping out on Euro travel thinking I was flushing my skating dreams down the drain.  It's not exactly what I had planned but I'm very thankful for the unexpected.
I will be skating for Team CBA under Pete Meuller.  Its rather funny how life works out if you knew the whole story about him.  Let me fill you in...
I was at my first world cup in Berlin sitting down for my first classy euro breakfast.  I was talking with just a few of the US athletes when I heard a man yell out something super inappropriate.  It was so bad he got fired several days later.  It was a mess.  Keep in mind that I know NO ONE in this skating community yet.  I come to find out the man was this rebel of a guy named Pete.  I thought...I never would want a guy like that representing me!  Now, he's my coach and I'm pretty excited to see what may come of this season.  Serves me right for being such a judger mcjudgerson sometimes.  I guess we all have a little rebel in us, and I like it.

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